Note Regarding Upcoming Posts:

11186742126_cd593eab97_kThis morning (Tuesday, 5th September 2017) I logged into my account here on WordPress to discover that the developers have added a rainbow flag banner to the top of each landing page. I consulted with contacts overseas, who reported they couldn’t see this filter when visiting Notes From The Scribe- then discovered that this filter only applies for Australian WordPress users.

Although a U.S-based company, WordPress has attached this filter to the top of all WordPress user sites in Australia as a sign of their support for Same-Sex marriage ahead of the national postal survey. It is no more the right of a U.S-based company to tell Australians what opinion we should have regarding SSM than it is our right to tell Americans what they should do with their gun laws, healthcare system or who they should support in Washington DC. While we are an ally to the U.S.A and proud to be a Western, democratic nation that provides its’ citizens with great wealth, freedom and opportunity for innovation and personal development, the issue of SSM is for us- Australian citizens- to decide for ourselves.

I am a staunch supporter of free speech and the right of people to advocate causes they believe worthy of supporting. I am a supporter of people sharing opinions that disagree with my own and having the right to do so, without fear of harassment or punishment by law. However, I am against a private company or entity using their customers, subscribers or patrons as a tool to promote their particular stance on a political ideological issue without the consent of their customers or the option to not participate if they wish.

I use this platform to discuss ideas related to online marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurship and share my own journey and discoveries with you, my readers. I’ve consciously avoided using this account to advocate my political or ideological views, and there are literally THOUSANDS of other platforms for you to engage in this discussion if that’s what you’re looking for.

Based on these principles, I’ve decided that all upcoming blog articles will be posted via my old Weebly account- until WordPress reverts to its’ usual format for Australian users. I make no apologies for taking this stance and if some readers decide to no longer follow my posts, they’re free to do so.

It’s their right to do so if they choose, just as it’s my right to not support WordPress as long as they use my platform to promote their partisan stance. I will, however, continue posting, even if it’s via a different platform until further notice. Stay tuned…



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