How To Create A 3 Month Blog From Scratch (Part 1):


Writing 3 months’ worth of blog content- at the same time?

This might seem like ‘Mission Impossible’, but you’d be amazed how easily it’s done  when you peel back the anguish of writers’ block- and realise it’s just a 12 step process that you can replicate over and over…

Blogging (as it’s been proven numerous times) is one of the most effective ways to gain brand new leads and then convert them into cash. We’re all looking for reputable people we can trust, and real statistics show that blogging has a fantastic flow-on effect for businesses great and small:

Some Real Numbers To Make You Re-Think Blogging

So it (literally) pays to build that unique level of trust with your target audience- and there are few better ways to do it than blogging.

But…what do you write?

Nothing to worry about- because I’m going to share the 12 step process that allows you to churn out 3 months of blog material ready to post (or 1 post a week for the next 12 weeks). So let’s get into action:

#1. Identify Expert Topics

This is your time to brainstorm and identify the questions and problems your key target audience face.

80% of all the money you make comes from just 20% of the people who buy from you. So it pays to focus on these people, especially. When you identify these people and the burning questions and problems they have, you’re setting yourself up to cash in- big time.

#2. Identify What’s Trending

Take a look at the businesses or the professionals who are similar to you.

What problems are they solving?

What questions are they answering?

You might discover the questions nobody else is providing the answer to- in which case, go for it!

It also helps to pick up on anything you might have missed in your initial brainstorming session. A handy place to uncover this information is a site like

#3. Identify Your Communication Style (Tone)

When it comes to getting your readers to feel like you understand them and build up that rapport, getting the ‘tone’ right is crucial. ‘Tone’ is the language and the feel to your written copy. It’s often a subtle element, but over the course of time it makes a notable difference to the “feel” of your articles.

The 20% I mentioned earlier? They’re the group you want to aim for. Write in a manner they identify with. If your target audience are Highschoolers, the way you write for them is different to when your target audience are retirees. Get it?

Match the tone of your articles with your target audience and building up that sense of trust is much easier to do.

#4. Nail The Core Elements Of Communication

Where do you plan to distribute your blog?

Will you send links via e-mail to your database?

Will you share your posts on your website or social media?

Wherever your target audience are, there you should go. Drop your line where the fish are!

#5. Objectives

What results do you want from sharing your posts?

Do you want more subscribers, more orders, more sales?

You’re always seeking to build a stronger relationship with your readers, because that’s where the time taken to publish your content pays for itself.

So considering this- do you want your readers to come away with a better understanding of who you are, what you stand for and what drives you to do what you’re great at?

#6. Storyline

This should be planned out before you begin to write. Look at the axis of your next 12 posts- are they self-contained, or is there an overarching storyline to them?

Maybe it’s a step-by-step process you want to teach people, or you’re lighting a fire under your prospects so that by the time post number 12 is uploaded and read, you’ve got them ready to show the money and buy whatever you aim to sell them.

Your storyline serves as the reference map for the writing that follows. It helps you to identify whether you’re sticking on point or whether the storyline is wandering off-course. After all, your time is too precious to waste!

Next: We go through Steps #7-#10 and I reveal the crucial final step that enables you to conquer the “Boss Level” of your blog posting and enjoy the spoils that come with it, to maximum effect.

So stay tuned…



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