How To Create A 3 Month Blog From Scratch (Part 2):


When we left off last time, I’d taken you through the first half of the 12 step process I follow whenever writing blog posts just like this one.

Here it is if you’re catching up: How To Create A 3 Month Blog From Scratch (Part 1):

Now it’s time to bring it all home and get those 12 posts out online and into the world, so here’s what you do next:

#7. Write It!

So you’ve got the theme of your 12 posts, summed up in a single sentence. Now is the time to go ahead and write! Don’t hold back here- write down whatever ideas pop into your mind. Don’t put the handbrake on by stopping to edit it now. The clean-up job comes later…

#8. Edit

Before scaling back your drafts, you should wait at least a day. Clear your mind, do the shopping, go for a walk, catch up with friends. You want to come back to your posts with a renewed mindset. This makes it easier to spot what you should get rid of, or what you left out the first time round. Ensure that every sentence of your post advances the story in some way. Crop out any ‘filler’ sentences, tighten the belt on any sentences that drag on too long and get rid of any pointless details. This decreases the risk of your reader abandoning your post mid-way through. Keep it as short and sweet as possible!

#9. Call To Action.

Once you’ve finished editing your posts, you want to drop in the element that gets the phones ringing and the e-mail inquiries flooding in. This sets your posts up to pay for themselves in the long run. Include your call to action- that amazing offer that they won’t be able to refuse. Whether you include this in every one of your 12 posts or you build it up to the 12th post and then hit them with it, is up to your judgement. If you can’t work it out? Come and speak to me…

#10. Distribute

Include at least one image for all of your posts. Having a post with an intriguing or bold image is SO much more effective than just posting words on a screen. I have great respect for anybody who includes a seemingly unrelated, obscure title image that goes on to relate to the subject matter of the post, even if it’s only a single sentence.

Then when you’re ready to distribute- do so. Post the link across all of your social media platforms, your website, include it in your next e-mail to your database. Leave no stone unturned here, because leads can turn up in the most unexpected places!

#11. Measure

Check the metrics in the coming weeks- do particular posts resonate with your audience and get more engagement? Look for common themes- is it the title or the subject matter? The sooner you find the common themes of your most successful posts, the better idea you have what to be sharing on a regular basis- and the bigger kick-on you get from every fresh post you share.

#12. Archive

Make it easy for your audience to find certain posts by archiving them into groups, based upon the subject matter at hand. So if you’re a winery, you’d group posts on new release reds and new release whites separately. Posts on wine expos would again be in a different section. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to your blogging site/ website to find exactly what they’re looking for. Better still, you can go back months/ years later and refresh an old post, revamp it, make it better and recycle it. Sometimes you’ve already written the post that’s going to be your biggest success story so far- it just needs a renovation and a re-post.

The more you follow these 12 steps, the easier it becomes to write months’ worth of material in advance- and the better results you get from the articles you share.

Now, while going through these 12 steps gets easier the more you do it, the one thing that never changes is this: it always takes time. Even for somebody like me, it’s still a timely process- and I do this for a living!

So if you’d rather hand this whole task over to somebody else, I understand. I’d be happy to chat with you about how we can make your blog a big hit with your target audience- so let’s get the conversation started today:

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