5 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Post-COVID Business Action Plan-

The period of various lockdowns nationwide forced businesses to re-evaluate many aspects of their daily operations- office usage, methods of communication (the big winners: anybody with shares in Zoom!) and the art of actually selling their products or services. No doubt you’ve also been affected by these changes to some degree or another.

But now as vaccines roll out here and overseas, and we dare to start thinking proactively rather than reactively, the people who do this the best are going to be the biggest winners. So it follows that if you want to fully capitalise, you need to have the right strategy in place when it comes to your business marketing.

As it happens, today is your lucky day because I’m about to share the cheat sheet right here with you. As the world begins to open up once more, and people are looking to buy from you again, THESE are the questions you need to be asking when it comes to your post-COVID business action plan:

#1- Who can help you?

During the First World War, a Chicago newspaper published editorials labelling Henry Ford an ignorant pacifist. Mr Ford sued the paper for libel and when the lawsuit was tried in court, the newspapers’ attorneys pleaded justification for their publishings. Here’s how they did it:

They placed Mr Ford on the witness stand and proceeded to ask him questions designed to prove that (beyond specialised knowledge of the automotive industry) he was ignorant- questions like “Who was Benedict Arnold?” and “How many soldiers did the British send over to America to put down the rebellion of 1776?”. Eventually, Ford grew tired of this questioning and told the attorney asking the question that, if he really wanted the answers, he had a row of electric push-buttons at his desk which allowed him to summon the man he needed to provide the answer to whatever question he desired. He asked the attorneys why he should clutter his mind with general knowledge, when he had men around him who could provide the knowledge he required?

The above story is told in the Napoleon Hill classic ‘Think & Grow Rich‘, to which Hill added:

Any man is educated who knows where to get information when he needs it, and how to organise that knowledge into definite plans of action.

The last 12 months have forced countless businesses, regardless of size, to re-evaluate “business as usual”. Right now the time is ripe to be engaging with those who’ve successfully adapted and discover what it is they’ve changed- especially those reporting that business is better than ever. It may not be that individual who holds the direct answer, but somebody they’ve taken on board who is delivering those results for them, in which case it’s really the old case of understanding who’s in your business network.

Are there challenges or weak-spots you’ve identified in your business, or areas you know you want to improve in? This should make it much easier to identify who can help. It might be a case of leaving your heavy lifting, research and planning to somebody else.

#2- When your target audience thinks of your industry, are you front of mind?

Or is it another name they’re associating with what you sell or what you do? 

It doesn’t matter if there are better burgers elsewhere, because people still primarily think of McDonalds’. It doesn’t matter who wins the blind taste test, Coca-Cola is still the #1 selling drink worldwide. It doesn’t matter how superior the quality of your product is or how much better your service is, if your ideal leads are thinking of somebody else- and going to them instead as a result- that’s x amount of dollars you’re missing out on every single time you lose that potential customer. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way….

Because with the right content strategy, you can become the #1, front and centre whenever your leads think of your industry….

#3- Do you have a clear process of converting your leads into sales?

If you don’t, then every time a lead gets in contact with you or your team, it’s really left to a game of chance. Some of them might go ahead and buy from you and that’s great- but how many are slipping through your fingers, simply because you aren’t clear on your steps to conversion?

If you had specialised knowledge on the steps that lead to conversion, you could pare back all of your engagements with leads down to a simple process, and following this process you’d be converting leads much easier than you’re currently seeing. With this surge of customer activity incoming, the difference between leaving it to chance and having a process in place could end up equalling massive differences to your bottom line…

So needless to say- it literally pays to get clarity on this and get a process in place!

#4- What should you be sharing with your leads?

The way to become a prominent name in your industry is to first develop a connection with your target audience. To achieve this, you need to be sharing information that’s relevant to their wants and needs- but you also need to tell them about your business, and share your story. Which begs the question:

What information should you be sharing with them? 

What are they going to find engaging, and what would be a waste of your time and energy to be talking about?

As I’ve discussed more recently, publishing regular blog articles should be one of the top priorities (if not the #1 top priority) in any content strategy you implement, and with good reason. If you’re still not sure why this is, then take a look at these stats:

#5- What do you need to change/ adapt?

There might have been a way you did things up until 12 or even 6 months ago but it isn’t serving you any more. This doesn’t just apply to personal habits or routines, but also to your business. It might be the case that everything you’re doing still works just fine- but it might also be that the processes that feel normal or comfortable are actually holding you back, whether it’s wasting money or wasting that precious resource you can never refund- time.

So it definitely pays to take stock of:

a) How your business operates

b) How you serve your customers and,

c) How you’ve been promoting yourself- and ask if you’re entirely satisfied or if there’s stuff that needs to change in order to make sure your business is ready for the 20’s? This might be something you can identify through taking inventory of what you’re doing- or it might be something that can only be identified by acting on #1.

But one thing’s for sure- it definitely pays to be certain.

On that note, I happen to know an expert team who can definitely help you with all 5 of these objectives, and have done just this for other businesses, like the Walkabout Wildlife Park: https://vimeo.com/506375051

So if you want to make sure your business is future-proof and ready to win big in this post-COVID business landscape, then it’s definitely worth getting in touch with the Digital Tribe: https://thedigitaltribe.com.au

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How To Make Your Story Sell: Another Demonstration…

I still remember being at an old friends’ place and we were talking about the TV sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother‘. While discussing the characters, my friend mentioned that Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) thought Johnny Lawrence was the real hero of the original ‘Karate Kid’ movie. I cracked up at this: of COURSE Barney would think the bully in that movie was actually the good guy. You can check the clip out for yourself:

Skip forward a few years and I discover there’s a new series coming out on YouTube Red, ‘Cobra Kai‘- and it’s a follow on from the original ‘Karate Kid’ trilogy. As a Goju-Kai student myself (and someone who enjoyed the original trilogy) I was curious to check it out. Would they do the movies justice, or would they (like other franchises) tarnish the canon with poor casting, cringe-worthy characters or shoehorned moral lecturing to reflect Current Year sensibilities? So with a little trepidation, I signed up for the free trial of YouTube Red, sat back and played Season 1, episode 1 of ‘Cobra Kai‘…

What can I say? I loved it. They did the original movies perfect justice, and every featured character from the original movie/s were played by the same actors. And (instead of inserting sugary platitudes to reflect todays’ uptight sensitivities) in many cases they directly laugh at our contemporary moral puritanism.

Sure, there were a couple of character tie-ins that felt a little too convenient to the storyline, and some of the fight scenes are hard to believe- but aside from that, ‘Cobra Kai‘ was (is) a fantastic story that does perfect justice to the original franchise. And here was the other thing:

I no longer saw Johnny Lawrence as the bad guy. In fact, I might go so far as to say I was rooting for him and there was one notable reason for this change: For the first time, we got to discover Johnny’s story, find out more about his life not just back in the ‘Karate Kid‘ universe circa 1984, but also in the present day. All these gaps we’d given little previous thought to existing were filled in, and rather than presenting the picture of a spoiled rich kid using his physical (and social) prowess to bully poor Daniel Larusso, instead we saw a story that felt all too real. It was the story of a young boy with a sour, verbally-abusive step-father who bullied him and provided nothing Johnny needed apart from money. Here was the story of a young man who instead found that father-figure in the form of the talented, disciplined (but deeply flawed) Sensei John Kreese. Yet he would also let Johnny down, evidently leading to the downward spiral of Johnny’s life had taken in the years since:

From laughing about Barney Stinson thinking Johnny was the hero, to wanting to see Johnny succeed and identifying with him on some level- how did this happen? It happened because for the first time, as an audience we discovered Johnny’s story. He was no longer just that cocky blond teenager we wanted to see crane-kicked into defeat. He became somebody very real to us, somebody we cared about. We had Johnny’s story shared with us little by little over each episode and (to date) 3 seasons, and that resonated with us.

All it could take for some people to go from scoffing at you to becoming your biggest fan, is just sharing your story with them.

Just last week I spent nearly an hour on the phone chatting with a colleague of mine, she’s bubbly and energetic and has several business ideas on the go as I’m writing this. As we spoke, she told me about all of the different experiences she’s had and the things she’s put her hand to and I said “You need to start a blog or write a book!” I know that doing so will make people- even those who know her to some degree already- gain a new level of appreciation for her: what she’s really about, her story, her passion- and in turn it will draw them closer to her.

By sharing her story with new leads or colleagues she’s known for some time, she strengthens the connection they already have, which (in turn) makes it more likely that those people are going to mention her or recommend her to others. It won’t merely be that she has the personality, but she also has a story to share, and that is what’s going to make the difference between being a face in the crowd and THAT face in the crowd.

You might be involved in business networking online or offline, and there’s people you’ve come to know for some time in a professional sense. You know each others’ names, know what they do, the name of their company and maybe if you meet somebody new you can connect with them, reach out and arrange the meeting. But they still only know you at a middle distance. Safe. Neutral. They don’t know your story. In this day and age, people love to hear stories-

You go back through my articles over the months and years up until now and I’d like to think through that time I’ve shared my story. This is how you develop a real connection with people and get them to care about your goals, get them to remember you.

So ask yourself: What stories could you start sharing with your audience that would turn them from mildly interested to invested in you and what you have to say?

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Copy, Marketing & Mindset: These Articles Show You How To Hit The Ground Running In 2021-

It’s not long now-

Christmas Day is nearly upon us and the silly season has come around once more- that weird time of year where the days just seem to run into one another and you go from having a stack of plans and RSVP’s to no real plans. The smell of pine trees, tinsel, scented candles, saltwater, sunscreen and rain on hot asphalt. The sound of ubiquitous Christmas carols, cicadas, clinking glasses, crackling barbecues and evening thunder. Already, many are “clocking off” for the year and in many cases you could say it’s been well-deserved!

While I know that for many people this period is a fairly lazy one as work and the usual daily/ weekly commitments take something of a back-step, there are others who use this traditionally quiet period to study. To re-evaluate. To set big new goals for the new year. So what I’m doing today is leaving you with a few articles worth taking the time out to read through in your downtime:

These articles I’ve chosen below all help give you clarity in putting together your strategy, what you need to be doing and how to get into a winning mindset to make it all happen in 2021. If you do the work, I know from experience that committing is going to make a BIG difference in what you see and where you find yourself 12 months from now.

So while I’m not ghosting out completely, this is my last article for the year.

Merry Christmas, and see you again in a month or so!

#1- What Your 2021 Copy Strategy Needs:

How To Make YOUR Story Sell- A Demonstration:

The Macklemore Guide To Pumping Out Stat-Busting Blog Content

3 Ways To Sharpen Your Writing Game

How To Write Unique, Memorable Blog Articles That Stand Out

The 9 essentials you need for writing your own website copy:

The 5 Copywriting Action Items You Need For Your 2021 Marketing Plan

#2- What Your 2021 Marketing Strategy Needs:

5 Things You Need To Master Your Marketing

3 Reasons You Should Absolutely Bother To Blog

5 Ways To Boost Your SEO Rankings And Get Found

The REAL Stats On Blogging In 2020…

Here are the professionals and the experts I know- and this is what they can do for you:

5 Questions You Need To Be Asking About Your Post-COVID Content Strategy

#3- Getting Into The Right Mindset To Crush It In 2021:

The Reward Of Just Turning Up:

Your ‘Made In Japan’ Guide To Success (Or, how to make every day a win):

Storytime: The Night It All Lit Up To Me

No More Excuses: It’s Time To Make Your Shot NOW:

Why A Powerful Planner Is Your Roadmap To Reward

In Search Of Your Holy Grail- The Adventures Of A Late-Night Treasure Hunter

In a single afternoon, how I defined success changed forever…

The 5 Copywriting Action Items You Need For Your 2021 Marketing Plan…

It’s getting to that time of year, isn’t it? The days are heating up (at least here in Australia!) the nights have grown muggy, the cicadas are buzzing outside, Christmas decorations are hanging up in department stores and there’s a rush of activity as people look to organise Christmas parties, secure clients and settle projects over the festive season and coming new year period…

It’s also a time where businesses are reviewing what’s worked for them over the past year and what can be done better. For any business, how they respond to this is entirely dependant upon their unique circumstances. But if you’re now aiming to improve your customer interactions (higher lead conversions, more sales volume, better $ value per customer etc.) then there’s one solution that can unlock all of your targets for the coming 12 months…

For the answer, look no further than your marketing and sales copy. Devoting special attention to this is crucial from both an SEO perspective (in terms of having a strong web presence and getting found by leads) but also from a lead interaction perspective (e.g having the right communications that convince your leads to go ahead and take action).

But if the idea of having to re-evaluate and renovate your business copy is giving you a flustered feeling and you swear you can sense a migraine coming on- I understand! Because it’s not just about looking at how many platforms and mediums you have- you’ve also got to ask what copy you need for each of them?

Fear not- because today I’m giving you an overview of the areas you need to be focusing on and writing copy for in order to achieve your big, audacious 2021 goals. Below I’m going to show you how to make this vision come true:

#1: Website

Think of your website as your online business headquarters. All of your businesses online messaging should connect back directly to your website. The aim of your website is to share as much relevant information about your business as you can and then successfully persuade your website visitors to take the next step- whatever that desired next step may be. On your website there could be multiple courses of action, depending upon the page your leads are browsing. While on the home page you might want them to contact your sales team, on the ‘Products’ page you might want them to place an order, then on the ‘About Us’ page you might want them to click the checklist. In addition to this, you want your website to rank well for SEO so that people online know you actually exist. When you’ve got effective website copy you get more valuable interactions with your leads visiting the site as well as satisfying the search engines. Your website shouldn’t just be visually eye-catching. It should also read well, clearly outline who you are, how you help customers and encourage leads to take the next step in your sales funnel- whatever that next step might be…

#2: Blog

I’ve talked about why every business should blog and why it’s more relevant now than ever before: https://notesfromthescribe.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/the-real-statistics-on-blogging-in-2020-5-numbers-thatll-make-you-sit-up-and-take-notice/

So I’ll keep this part as short and sweet as possible: Publishing blog articles informs and engages your ideal target audience and also establishes a connection with them, building trust. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you- whether that’s on a short-term or long term basis. On top of that, when you have articles getting good interactions and being shared by your followers, you can gain even more leverage boosting your top performing articles through Facebook ads. If you’re going to promote your business on Facebook and put money behind your campaign, why not give your target audience something actually worth taking the time out to read? To discover what sort of articles are always a hit (regardless of your audience) get your complimentary copy of ‘The 3 Posts People Stop Everything To Read‘ right here: https://www.scribecopywriting.com.au/stay-connected

#3: Social Media

It’s not enough to simply have a placeholder presence on your professional social media platforms. Similar to your website copy, you need to create a comprehensive run-down of your business: what you do, how you help your customers and why people should reach out and contact your business. On top of promoting your business to potential customers, social media also serves as a powerful online business networking tool. The better your social media copy is, the more appealing you become as a potential referral partner to fellow business people, regardless of whether you’ve actually met them or not!

#4: Email Database/ Sales Letters

If you don’t already have an email database- get one. People are meeting and engaging with more new businesses every day than ever before, and having just a single point of contact with leads is a recipe for otherwise valuable customers to slip right through your fingers. Just a bit of lead nurturing could’ve converted these people to customers, and allow you to enjoy top value from your existing customers. Seriously- you’re 10 times more likely to sell to a previous or existing customer than to a new lead. So it pays to stay in contact!

If you’re a business that regularly features at trade shows or has multiple products in your range then you definitely need to be putting out sales letters. Otherwise, how are people going to know about the amazing offers you have going? There’s plenty of emails inundating people’s inboxes on a daily basis, so writing an entertaining newsletter or an engaging sales letter that converts does require a particular level of skill- but when done properly, the results pay off and are absolutely worth the time taken to master the art…

#5: Ebook

An e-book serves a similar purpose to blog articles, except that you can write a whole novel if you want as opposed to a single article. The added benefit is that you can use your ebook as a lead magnet (adding more people to your lead database and therefore your sales funnel) or you can sell copies of your ebook online, creating a further revenue stream that means you can sell without even being present. You get paid multiple sums without having to spend any more time on selling (or delivering) once your ebook is launched.

On top of this, when you have an ebook available it also builds your credibility to both leads and referral partners alike. This makes it more likely that people are going to trust you (essential with higher priced buying decisions) or to refer you on (which again means you can sell on autopilot).


So while all the above should make perfect sense, in order to go ahead and actually do it you still need a strategy in place. You also need to know what you’re going to write, so you don’t end up wasting time writing copy that isn’t going to make any notable difference!

But you can avoid this, and ensure every moment of your time is well spent writing copy that gets results for your business:

Because I have just launched The Comprehensive Copywriting Guide– your all-in one toolkit that shows you how to write all the copy you need for:

  • Your website
  • Blog articles
  • Social media
  • Email database
  • Sales letters
  • Ebooks

And do it all in your own time, at your own pace. Once you’ve read through all the modules, you’ll be able to write your own marketing and sales copy like a pro! On top of that, my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee means that if you purchase your copy and for some reason it doesn’t match your expectations, you get a full refund with zero hassle!

On top of that?

I’ve also included an extra special offer for those of you who go ahead and purchase a copy right now- so to find out more, just contact me: https://www.scribecopywriting.com.au/contact-us

The Power Of Prolific Business Connections: Why Every Single Contact Counts…

It is a well-known fact that a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery. It is also a well-known fact that an individual battery will provide energy in proportion to the number and capacity of the cells it contains. The brain functions in a similar fashion. This accounts for the fact that some brains are more efficient than others, and leads to this significant statement- a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of harmony, will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.”

Think & Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill

Did you ever see that movie ‘Sliding Doors’? The basic premise interested me- the notion that one simple scenario like just missing a subway train home could trigger a massive alternate reality where everything from your hairstyle to your relationship status to your career differed. I didn’t actually watch the movie until just a year or so ago- and (while I don’t want to reveal spoilers) I found it interesting that what appeared to be the ‘better’ reality for the main characters didn’t necessarily turn out to be so. But I digress-

Because here’s my own story about how a single coffee meeting in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs back in 2013 was to notably change the course of my business- and my life- for the next few years at least:

See, John and I met at a business networking event, and we arranged to catch up for a coffee later on at a cafe in Norman Park. During that conversation, John mentioned a business consultant he knew, named Anthea, who was running an upcoming workshop on time management called ‘Stop The Clock‘. Getting better results for my time was something I was quite interested in, so I found out more details and then (on the day) I went along to this workshop over in Newstead…

Despite it being a single days’ workshop (and a free one at that) I was immediately impressed with the amount of preparation Anthea put into the workshops’ organisation, and how professionally laid-out the materials were. While I was already familiar with many of the areas covered, there were other concepts where I had something of a lightbulb moment. I left the workshop with new ideas and a folder under my arm full of valuable course material…

Not long afterwards, I was at another event where attendees dropped their business cards into a metal bucket and then (at the end of the event) cards were randomly picked out for prizes. As it happened, my card was drawn second- and the prize was a years’ membership in these monthly educational events Anthea held, aimed at business owners just like myself.

Going to these events is how I got to meet Julie. Julie had actually been there the night my card was drawn and we’d spoken briefly, but I realised the scope of Julie’s expertise when she did a presentation on getting the most out of LinkedIn. She was holding a 2-day workshop and I was definitely interested in brushing up on my LinkedIn knowledge (knowing it’d translate not just for my profile, but in regards to what I could do for my clients). So I put my name down and off I went…

The workshop was both informative and entertaining- and that’s a testament not just to what Julie knows about LinkedIn, but how she teaches it. If I had to sum it up in two words? Infectious Enthusiasm. But it didn’t end there-

See, Julie went on to provide me with two things I hadn’t expected:

a) A carton full of marketing and copywriting related newsletters, DVD’s and other educational material she thought would be right up my alley, probably worth 4 figures in total when bought- and mine to keep

b) An introduction to Rose

Rose was the director of a business networking organisation with groups in my area, and while they had all sorts of business owners and specialists in these groups, they didn’t have anybody who specialised in copywriting- yet.

So I began attending a group in the CBD that met every Thursday afternoon, and I was soon doing presentations on copywriting before the group. I also met other business owners in the process and some of them I’m still connected with to this day. But it didn’t end there…

See, at this point in my life I was at something of a crossroads. I’d been in Brisbane for nearly 5 years and in that time I’d started Scribe, made new friends, seen some old ones move on and (to say the least) I’d changed as well. My life and my whole outlook was largely different from the one I’d arrived with. I’d begun wondering if staying here was meant to be, or if I should make a fresh start somewhere else. Because if I had the freedom to be anywhere, was this really the best option?

Then in February 2015 I was with Rose and a colleague named Stuart who did videography, at a 3 day marketing seminar at the Grand Chancellor on the Gold Coast. The whole time during the seminar we were brainstorming ideas, jotting them down and passing notes back and forth between the three of us. Then on the second day, Rose told me that she’d decided to open a new group here on the Coast, and she wanted me to come on board as assistant to the group ambassador.

I was already doing my MBA part-time down on the Gold Coast, so coupled with this new role? It now made perfect sense for this to be my next move...

So in a single weekend I got the answer I’d been looking for, and without any prompting it’d come about because I knew Rose>

Who’d been introduced to me by Julie>

Who I’d met (indirectly) through Anthea>

Who I’d been recommended to by John.

So, if it wasn’t for that coffee meeting with John back in 2013 in Norman Park, would I have found myself relocating down to the sunny Gold Coast in March of 2015, right when I’d been looking to start afresh? Who knows…

On another note, I would later sign up to do a 10 week course with Anthea when I realised I could do with a bit of mentoring as I shifted all my focus to Scribe. There’s a story that outlines how all that came to be, here. Again, if I didn’t already know Anthea, hadn’t seen the quality of content she put out and her ability to teach business owners, would I have ever got on board? Possibly not. It’s all in the power of connections.

No doubt you’ve got plenty of your own stories- maybe you landed a great new job because of somebody you chatted to at the races or in a corporate box at the game or even at your favourite bar on a Friday evening. Or maybe you met your spouse/ significant other because of your friend or your sibling or somebody they knew? That’s before even talking about the people you meet through business networking…

If you stop and think about it for a moment, how many circumstances and relationships do you enjoy in this present day all because of that one person you met?

Just this weekend gone, I went to birthday drinks for an old friend I’ve known 15 years. I met him through another friend, who I’ve known 16 years- and we met out the front of North Sydney station because he wanted to know which bus took us to the footy? Through him I have another mutual friend who lives a couple of suburbs away, and we’re throwing a surprise party for him this weekend (don’t mention the surprise party. I did once- but I think I got away with it). We’re all going kart racing a couple of weeks from now- and the catalyst was one random encounter on a winters’ afternoon back in 2004…

A single connection can have a huge trajectory on your business success, a single meeting can inspire a transformation you didn’t expect to see in the entirety of your life.

My current role as Group Leader for bX Gosford is no different. I went to a day seminar event hosted by bX Director Matt Alderton back in August 2018 in Sydney’s west and (afterwards) we were all in the downstairs bar of the venue when Matt mentioned his interest in opening a group up on the Central Coast. Fast forward a year later and Jason (a colleague and previous client of mine) called up to tell me bX was starting a group in Gosford, and would I be interested in coming on board as the Group Leader? I didn’t need to say I’d think about it!

It should be clear by now that I’m big on connections, and through our fortnightly Gosford events (or our weekly online meetings) I’m always looking out for who I can connect people with. Who is (maybe) just one introduction away from achieving that big outcome they’re looking for? Who might be one connection short of seeing real transformation, and could I make it happen for them?

Yet, I also realise that despite my knowledge and ability when it comes to turning out copy for clients, I’m not always that person who can help a lead in getting the results they’re after. But- if I’m not that person- I have no problem admitting it to them! Because instead, I just refer them onto somebody else who I know is a better fit-

This means that just by talking to me, people are putting themselves in a win-win situation. Because if I can’t help you to achieve your desired business outcomes, I’ll connect you with somebody who can. So (obviously) I’m happy to include that as another one of my Big 5 Guarantees.

So, if you’re looking for assistance or advice and you want a guaranteed win-win, then contact me.

And of course a big shout-out to everybody I mentioned in this article- even if your actions seemed small, they’ve all played their part in a bigger picture.

Selling On Promises: Why Transparency Matters To Us…

Life’s like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re gonna get

– Forrest Gump

Am I that transparent? I want you, I need you- oh baby, oh baby

– 10 Things I Hate About You

Have you ever bought a discount flight and then paid more on top for all the unseen extras? Or been in the U.S, seen an item listed for a great price and then been stung when the local sales tax was stacked on top of that seductive sticker price?

Or maybe you’ve met somebody and while their words told you one thing, you could tell they weren’t being up-front with you. Just little giveaways (or ‘tells’) that revealed all. Recently I read a book, titled What Everybody Is Saying (Joe Navarro) and it delves into the minor details of how to read a person beyond the mere words they’re speaking to you.

Because you might ‘know’ a person doesn’t line up with how they’re trying to present themselves or that a particular offer sounds too good to be true, but when you think about it, what’s the real frustration?

The real frustration is that we’ve already got enough things to think about. Enough issues that require our ongoing attention and energy. Having to decipher what somebody’s real intentions are or what you’re really getting when you sign up means you have to devote more of your time (and energy) to being on-guard and minimising the chances of being stung.

If you ask me, life is too short! Call it simplistic, but whenever I pay for a service or a product, I want to know exactly what I’m getting- and it seems like I’m not the only one. Places like Dominos now allow you to see your pizza being prepared in the store before it’s delivered- so you know exactly what you’re going to see when you open that piping hot carton.

After all, when you know what you’re getting straight up then it’s easier to make a decision- yay or nay? At least if a service is expensive, we know it’s expensive from the start. If a process is complicated and time-consuming, then you sign up understanding it’s not a simple case of click your fingers and get the result.

I still remember the day I walked in and signed up for the Fight Like A Pro experience back in 2016 and Gavin talked about how over the coming 10 weeks there’d be times I’d feel like quitting, but that (ultimately) if I got to Fight Night it’d be one of the best things I’d ever done and I’d want to go back and do it again- like plenty of other guys who returned to train here at the gym…

Without giving too much away (because you should read the article for yourself), I was in the midst of a difficult year and I’m generally a persistent person. I figured wanting to give up was for men weaker in spirit than myself. I also assumed Gavin talking up Fight Night as being “one of the best things I’d ever done” was just his pitch.

Yet ultimately- he was correct on both counts. Not only did I return to the gym to train again, I stepped into the ring once more at the next Fight Night. It turned out that I got what I signed up for (and then some) even if I didn’t know it yet…

As human beings we’re attracted to certainty because it’s part of our survival mechanism. We want to know that water is wet, sand is gritty, sugar is sweet and that if we stand in the middle of the road then our day isn’t going to end well. Small elements of certainty like this make it easier (mentally and emotionally) to focus on longer-term decisions that are important to our survival.

If we do get the unexpected, we want it to be something good. Like the afternoon when, just a couple of weeks short of my 10th birthday and (intending to hit the street in the new billy-cart I’d built with my dad) I walked out into the living room to see both my parents sitting there with the Scalextric slot-car set I’d been wanting for ages. It was an early birthday present (truth is, my dad was keen to have a crack at it himself) and to date it remains arguably the best birthday present I ever received…

But back to what we expect as a customer-

Ideally, we want to know exactly what we’re getting and how much we’re going to pay for it, right? If it’s a product then we want to know the materials, the quality, the finish, the size, the weight, the features and the price. If it’s a service then we want to know what’s going to be done, how long it’s going to take, the results and (yet again) the price.

So when I was brainstorming what kind of guarantees to offer clients, making transparency one of those guarantees didn’t need a second thought. What it means is that before you pay the invoice (let alone receive the invoice) we’ve discussed the proposal with you. You know what service you’re getting, the timeframe it’s due to be completed in and how much it’s going to cost in total-

So if you’re thinking about getting sales or marketing copy written and you want the peace of mind that comes with certainty and knowing what to expect, then contact us

5 Questions You Need To Be Asking About Your Post COVID Content Strategy…

So it looks as though maybe (just maybe) we’re now over the crest of the lockdowns and the economic halt the COVID pandemic brought us all to

Businesses are opening up again, the footy is back (with strong rumours the crowds are soon to follow) and just this last week I even got to enjoy that dimly remembered, pre-March 2020 pastime of enjoying a cold one and mingling down at my local. Bliss!

All things considered, we look set to enjoy something else too: a renewed surge in customer activity. And if times have been tougher than usual for you these past couple of months, then this is welcome news! However- as the boy scouts motto says: Be Prepared.

It follows that if you want to be ready for this coming surge and fully capitalise on it, you need to have the right strategy in place when it comes to your business marketing. To find the right answers, then you need to ask yourself the right questions, and be doing it NOW-

But there’s no need to panic, because I’m about to share the cheat sheet with you here. As the world begins to open up once more, and people are looking to buy from you once again, THESE are the questions you need to be asking:

#1- What do people associate your business with, as a brand?

In other words- what values and attributes do your leads and your customers think of when they think of your business?

And more to the point- does this match what you want your brand to be associated with?

#2- When your target audience thinks of your industry, do you come to mind?

Or is it somebody else who they’re associating with what you sell or what you do?

Because it doesn’t matter how superior your product is or how much better your service is, if your ideal leads are thinking of somebody else who’s in the same business as you- and going to them instead as a result- that’s x amount of dollars you’re missing out on. Every single time.

However…it doesn’t have to be this way….

With the right content strategy, you can become the #1, front and centre whenever your leads think of your industry….

#3- Do you have a clear process of converting your leads into sales?

If you don’t, then every time a prospective customer reaches out to you or your team, it’s really a game of chance. Some might buy from you and that’s great- but how many are slipping through your fingers, simply because you aren’t clear on your steps to conversion?

If you were clear on the steps to conversion, you could boil this down to a process, and following this process you’d be converting far more leads than you are currently. With this surge of customer activity incoming, the difference between leaving it to chance and having a process in place could end up equalling hundreds of thousands of dollars difference to your bottom line…

So needless to say- it literally pays to get clear on this!

#4- What should you be sharing with your target audience online?

The way to become a prominent voice of authority in your industry and make a connection with your target audience is to be sharing information that’s relevant to them- but also telling them about your business, and sharing your story. Which begs the question:

What information should you be sharing?

What are they going to find engaging, and what would be a waste of your time and energy to be talking about?

As I discussed recently, in 2020 publishing regular blog articles should be one of the top priorities (if not the #1 top priority) in any content strategy you implement, and with good reason. If you’re still not sure why this is, then take a look at these current stats:

#5- What should you be writing about, and how do you do it?

Once you’re sitting down, ready to brainstorm ideas then write them out and fashion them into your next article, a whole range of questions present themselves. These are all potential roadblocks to your creative flow and actually getting content out there:

  • What are you going to write your article about? More importantly, what does your target audience actually want to be hearing about?
  • How long should your article be- is it long enough, or are you waffling on too much with irrelevant details that’s going to bore your audience and risk them abandoning your article before they’re even halfway through?
  • Should you create an offer and include it in your article? Should you include a call to action in every article you publish- or is this too ‘pushy’ and an instant turn-off for your audience?

Etc etc….

So there’s all these questions you’re asking yourself in the process of putting together that killer content strategy- and implementing it. Now if this all sounds too difficult, and the idea of publishing a regular blog seems like a mountainous workload too big to handle? Then I have some great news for you-

Because I’m going to show you how you can be pumping out your own, regular blog articles- following the same easy process I follow in order to consistently write articles just like this one, whether writing for my own blog or doing it for my clients…

On top of that? You’re also going to discover:

  • How to make your target audience see you as the voice of authority…
  • The 5-step process that converts your leads into sales…
  • What your target audience really wants to know- and how to identify what this is, regardless of what business you’re in…
  • How to write informative, entertaining and engaging articles that share your story- and sells you as THE “go-to” for your leads…
  • How to consistently publish great articles that get read, get likes, get commented on and get shared by your audience- and never get stuck for ideas ever again!

Plus lots more…

So if the idea of learning all of this interests you?

Then contact me today and register your interest in attending my upcoming Blogging- Stories That Sell workshop. The course is online, so you can learn how to write like a pro from the comfort of your own home! Because I want to ensure everybody who attends is given the individual attention they deserve, spots are strictly limited to just 20 attendees– so it pays to get in quick. I have previous attendees who got so much value out of this workshop that they’re coming back a second time to refine their skills even further- and who am I to deny them that opportunity?

So contact me and register your interest today!

Here Are The Professionals & Experts I Know- And This Is What They Can Do For You:

So…it’s been a strange past couple of weeks…

I know I’m not the only person saying that, and we all have our own account of the various shifts and adjustments we’ve had to make. Even if what we’re experiencing now is temporary, we’re in a season where there’s seeds everywhere. Those seeds could produce success or failure for you, depending upon what you pick up and what you plant- what you nurture through consistent thought and cultivate through the questions that you ask.

If you’re of the belief that “the end is near” then I’ll save you some time and tell you straight up:

Go and read something else.

I understand the need to be realistic, sure- but if we’re not careful, being “realistic” about the future becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and let’s face it, here’s the best and worst case scenario of this attitude:

a) You end up being wrong, and gain a reputation as a black-hat, Sad-Sack, Eeyore, glass-half-empty type

b) You end up being right. But people are too busy chasing solutions to this problem to care about the fact you’re going “I told you so”


“See- I told you something bad would happen sooner or later!”

And as I said the other week: now is not the time for panic. Now is the time for planning.

Because the economy is like the tide- it goes out, but then it comes back in again. In the winter time you’re rugged up all day, heavy doonas on the bed at night and anytime you step outside it’s cold. Yet just a few months later it’s so hot and muggy at night that you’re sleeping on top of your bed and waking up in a sweat at 2 in the morning as the cicadas buzz outside!

You get the point-

So today, I want to focus on the people I’ve been connecting with over the past couple of weeks. Because I’ve sat in on so many video calls and meetings, chatted on the phone with so many professionals (and given referrals for so many of them) who are open for business and ready to take your call, with literally thousands of years of combined experience across a range of industries- and I guarantee there’s at least a few people who could make a BIG difference to your business over the coming 12 months or longer…

So what I’ve done today is listed the different business categories these people fall into. Take a look through them, and if you see anything that makes you go “Hey- I could use somebody like that”- then contact me and I’ll connect you.

Because this isn’t a time for panic. It’s a time for planning.

Not a time for caution, but a time for connection.

Not the era for scarcity thinking, but the age for strategic thinking.

And I’ve just given you the cheat sheet!

So take a look, flick me an email (or call me) and see if I can’t match you up?


#1. If you have unwanted pests (bugs, spiders, mice, etc.), power problems or plumbing issues or you want to look at ways to reduce your energy bill:

I have tradespeople to connect you with…

#2. If you’re using this time to re-think how you market your business and how you can deliver a stronger brand message that gets you more leads and customers:

I know a tonne of marketing people with a wide range of skillsets to match your needs and your goals…

#3. If you’re thinking about your finances (whether it’s how your business handles the books or super or your investments):

There’s experts in the financial/ accounting sector who’d love to hear from you…

#4. If you’re having problems with your computing systems or you want to upgrade your capabilities:

Get in touch and I’ll connect you with the I.T experts who can guide you through…

#5. If you’ve found you could do with an extra hand operating your business on a daily basis:

I have virtual assistants who’d be happy to help you shoulder your workload…

#6. If you’ve realised you really need a solid plan of action moving ahead when it comes to your business, your finances or your health?

I have coaches, mentors and consultants who’ve taken people in situations just like yours to the next level before…

#7. If you have any queries about getting conveyancing done or regarding property investment, your mortgage or insurance?

I know specialists who are waiting for your call- so let me get you in touch!

#8. Seeking legal advice?

Get in contact and I’ll be happy to connect you with the right solicitors…

On top of all this?

Maybe you need something that doesn’t quite fit under any of these descriptions? That’s ok- reach out and contact me anyway, because I have contacts in other miscellaneous categories who can help you.

It’s your call. And all you need to do is contact me

Never miss an article- join our database

Why We Need To Give Up “The Game” To Realise Long Term Business Success…

Just this week, I sat down to chat with Profiling & Communications Specialist Alan Stevens as a guest on his broadcast. For the next 35 minutes or so we discussed a few different subjects and one of the things we covered was how people build relationships in business. Because right now, how you do this is going to be massively important looking ahead…

As it stands, people everywhere are re-thinking their business strategy. Re-thinking how they market themselves- and rightly so, if you ask me! To be blunt, it shouldn’t have taken a pandemic and mass shut-downs for it to happen but hey, people were busy going about their daily lives- and I get that. The reason betting is such a lucrative industry is because we can’t predict exactly how the future is going to go at the best of times! In my case, around this moment in time I’d expected to be up in Queensland attending several of our thriving bX groups while catching up with colleagues and old friends. Yet instead, here I am-

In place of being more or less grounded, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a tonne of online meetings, with plenty more on the way. Referrals are coming in left and right and (if I may say so) I’ve been giving plenty out as well. I can spend more time just going through my referrals list and connecting people then I do in the actual meetings. I’ve been feeling like Santa Claus!


“Ho-ho-ho…Who wants a referral?”

What this has all made clear to me, however, has been quite positive: whatever else is going on in the world, there are hundreds (thousands? Tens of thousands….millions?) of people out there who are keen to talk, keen to keep the wheels moving, keen to drum up new business, plan, act and succeed.

Going back to my catch-up with Alan, it’s reminded me that (for many of us) now is not a time to be panicking. Now is the time to be planning.

So if you’re going to do this, you want to make sure you have a solid plan and one that’s going to pay off in the long-term. Now is the time to set yourself up for the next 12 months- 5 years- the rest of this decade even!

I’m not saying that only planning for the next 3 or 6 months is a fatal mistake, but any gains you enjoy will be short-lived. When you strategise under the premise of getting sales ASAP rather than attracting top value customers, testimonials and referrals, you’re selling yourself short- and you risk attracting the wrong kind of people into your business. Let me explain it this way:

Years ago, I read a friends’ copy of ‘The Game‘. Written by music journalist Neil Strauss, it was his first-hand account of delving into the community of pickup artists (P.U.A’s). Essentially, the pickup community is (was?) a bunch of guys who had made seduction into a fine art. Something they regularly studied, practised, discussed in person and shared reports of their success online. I learned about terms like “sarging”, “negging”, “peacocking” and to be fair, Strauss wrote a genuinely engrossing account start to finish.


Now for a lot of younger, more introverted or ‘dorky’ men, the ability to attract most girls you desire would (at first) seem like an ultimate superpower, wouldn’t it? Surely by the end of this book, Strauss and his colleagues were happily living the life of a celebrity, without needing to learn an instrument or appear in a single film. Living the dream, you might say?

But instead, this wasn’t the case. Here’s why:

The problem with P.U.A (at least as it’s presented in Strauss’s account) is that there’s so many false premises involved: memorised lines, ridiculous outfits (seriously, image search ‘pickup artist’ and take a look. You want to dress like THAT?), routined interactions, in many cases sidelining the rest of your life’s ambitions and pursuits and all for what? What is the holy grail of doing all this?

One-night stands.

Short-term relationships.

Maybe long-term relationships that began like a dream yet soon wear you down as you’re torn between trying to maintain the facade you snared them with, or letting your guard down only for her to realise she fell for an image. And who’s the bigger fool, then?

The thing is, I read ‘The Game‘ 5 years before I first went into business. Yet I’m guessing that (like me) you’ve seen the same approach in business, too:

– People pushing for the quick sell

– People whipping up a buying frenzy with their big, audacious promises but then failing to deliver once the sale is done

– People basing their entire selling premise on that one thing they do but not giving you the complete picture

The thing with these operators is that while (usually) they deliver on their selling premise to some degree, the job is far from done- or done properly at the very least. Because it’s not enough just to rank #1 on search engines if you aren’t managing the rest of your online presence so you continue ranking well and attracting new leads. Picking up new leads and customers counts for little if they’re here today, gone tomorrow and you’re left looking for the next one.

A truly successful long-term business strategy is built upon valuable relationships, communication, ongoing engagement and trust.

Read that back again- and slowly. Let that guide every marketing decision you make, because it always stands true.

See, you might sell to a lead straight away, or it might take a year before they buy from you. But regardless, you want to keep them in your loop. You want to maintain an ongoing connection with them. Do that, and you’ll unlock true value in your business. The better you do this, the more valuable your business brand perception is, and the less time you need to spend chasing up new leads.

Your most valuable customers, best referrals and strongest testimonials usually come from the people who know you well. The people who’ve gone the distance with you. And it’s much harder to find these people if you approach your online communications like a P.U.A.

Like I said at the start, right now is the opportune time to be planning and adjusting your existing online marketing strategy. However, now is not the time to go chasing a “quick fix”. Instead, this is your chance to produce something people begin to value more and more as time goes on. The beauty of doing this is, as you establish this sort of connection with your leads, customers and referral partners, the workload required to attract new customers becomes easier.

Because nothing sells you like word of mouth and your professional reputation.

My Post-33

This is why at Scribe, when we sit down with clients to implement a strategy, we’re always thinking about what’s going to get the best results for them on a long-term basis. We understand the job doesn’t end with the name of our client being ranked #1 on Google this week, or a hit-once marketing campaign. It’s about what comes afterwards- it’s about setting your business up to thrive in the coming 6 months- and beyond. It’s about playing the long-term game.

On top of that- everything we do is backed by our Big 3 Guarantee

So if you’re keen to develop a new strategy that sets you up to enjoy long-term results and reap the benefits when our economy rights itself once more (as it will), then let’s talk about how we can make it happen.




Relax- I’m 99% sure you’re doing great (but here’s why that extra 1% makes such a difference)…

Tony Robbins tells a story about the time he took up golf lessons-

At first, he was powering by his instructor. But the following day, he wasn’t doing so well: putting the ball in the water, straying off course and Tony became exasperated because (by his reasoning) he should at least be consistent at whatever mediocre level he could achieve.

Tony asked his instructor “Tell me what to do?”

Now this is where it gets interesting…

His instructor told him he was (in fact) only a little bit off- by a millimetre or two. He went on to explain that when Tony was striking the ball, if he changed the angle just a couple of millimetres, he’d change the arc of his shot completely. One mm could be the difference between staying on the green and slicing off into the water. One mm the other way could make the difference between sinking it in the sand or scoring a hole in one…

Then a couple of days later, Tony sat in the office of a client he was coaching- who happened to be one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons. While he sat there in the spacious waiting room, Tony leafed through a book this guy was putting together in order to teach other surgeons around the world. It featured photographs of the top 100 (supposedly) most beautiful women in the world’s faces, then the same for the men (although Tony wasn’t paying much attention to this!) The photographs had measurements with them- because apparently, what we commonly define as physical beauty really comes down to pure mathematics. But here’s what stood out for Tony-

For this plastic surgeon, all it took to take a woman (or a man) from stone cold average to stunningly attractive was just a few millimetres. For example, on a woman, the distance between the top of the lip and the nose, the measurement if you’re considered ‘beautiful’ is the same size as your eye. 1mm more and you’d be considered “average”. 2mm more and you’d be considered “unattractive”.

So ultimately, the difference between beauty and the beast is just 2mm.

Isn’t that amazing?

But let me turn this discussion over to you now-

When it comes to your business, do you ever get that nagging feeling, like something is missing but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is?

This could be for a variety of reasons- maybe it’s a case of imposter syndrome or because you’re inherently a perfectionist?

Maybe you’re one of these people who just normally gets that sinking feeling that something, somewhere is wrong?

Or- it could be based upon more than just a hunch. You have the facts at your fingertips and (for whatever reason), you aren’t quite where you want to be. Feeling like this, it can be tempting to overanalyse every little aspect of your business, and wonder if you’re making a grave mistake somewhere?

But let me reassure you right now. If:

a) You’re making a positive difference in the lives of your customers

b) Your team put in the hard yards for you

c) You’re making a profit

Then your business is great!

Although maybe you read those words and it still feels hollow somehow, so let’s examine why that might be…

Truth is, it’s often the small changes we undertake that make a big difference to the results we enjoy. As William Clement Stone says in ‘The Success System That Never Fails’: Little hinges swing big doors.


In other words- if you’re not quite getting the results that’d make you sit up a bit taller and feel a real sense of pride in what you’re doing, that’s not a reason to fret-

Because chances are, that final piece in the puzzle that’d take you from ‘ok’ to ‘outstanding’ is on the other side of changing what you’re currently doing by just 1 or 2%…

And there’s every chance the answer is found in your business copy.

Now if you don’t believe that yet- then just take a look at the following articles for yourself, where you’ll see for yourself what sort of a difference it makes when any business takes their online copy seriously-

Because it could be to do with your website:

9 Website Copy Hacks (So Easy You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Taking Action Sooner!)

It could be down to simply staying in regular contact with your leads and customers, adding them to your database and keeping them up to date with your latest offers and big announcements:

The 3 Secrets To Sending E-mails That Pay For Themselves

How much is a sale worth to you?

Or (and you’ve got to check this one out for yourself, trust me)- it could be starting a blog that makes all the difference:

The REAL Stats On Blogging In 2020: 5 Numbers That’ll Make You Re-Think Your Content Strategy…

This is why I do what I do- because while having effective copy is a hinge that at first might appear small, that small hinge has the power to swing a big, mighty door in its’ place- and chances are that’s what’s going to make all the difference and complete the picture when you step back and take a look at where your business stands in 2020…

So if you think copywriting is something you’d like to be devoting more time and thought to, then let’s talk