I’m Ben-

Director of Scribe Copywriting. 

Do you want loyal customers who will refer you to new leads and won’t price-shop?

How about a steadily growing rate of repeat business?

Love to command the premium pricing that comes when you’re the renowned, respected face of your industry?

Here’s how you achieve it:

Regularly update the written content on your website

* Regularly publish blog posts that establish that priceless relationship of trust with your leads and customers

* Write/ publish your own e-book, share your expertise and get your name out there!

But… with everything else that urgently needs to be done right now, where do you get the time to brainstorm?

Or write the first draft?

Then edit it, re-write it and edit it again?

And that’s before you even get around to posting it…

It all takes time, believe me- I do this for a living!

But if you want to discover how letting me take care of all your content writing helps you hit your target market’s “sweet spot” and:

a) Boosts your leads,

b) Increases your sales and

c) Maximises your Customer Lifetime Value, just fill out the form on the Contact page, visit our website at http://www.scribecopywriting.com.au or you can connect with me on LinkedIn (https://au.linkedin.com/in/benmackie1)  

On top of that, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 30 minute consultation where we look at your existing online content and I identify what’s hitting, what’s missing and what you need more of.

The sooner we chat, the sooner we can take your online content strategy from ‘Fail’ to ‘SALE!’

I look forward to hearing from you soon-

Ben Mackie.