5 Things You Need To Master Your Marketing:


“Earth!” the man thrusts his fist skyward.

“Fire!” yells another man, balled up fist also pointed to the heavens.



Two girls also join in the call.


A younger man follows.

Each of these people wear rings, lightning beams of colour shoot out from the gemstones. In a blinding flash, a blue man with a green mullet appears.

“With your powers combined- I am- Captain Planet!”

‘Captain Planet’ was a popular show that featured on the ABC’s afternoon kids’ line-up, back when I was in Primary school. Captain Planet was the environmentally-friendly superhero, summoned when each of the 5 ‘Planeteers’ (get it?) combined the unique powers of their rings as one force. Individually, the Planeteers had limited power, but when they each pooled their unique element?

They awakened a force who could literally move mountains and make it rain!

Now- while I can’t guarantee that these five marketing pillars will save the world (or summon a buff guy with a green mullet, for that matter) I can tell you that if you get them right, it makes a big difference to the volume of leads you attract- and the ease you can do it with.

So if that’s what you seek, then take note of these- and implement them ASAP:

#1. Website.


Think of your website like it’s your online business card. In order to get browsers to stick around, it must be:

a) Easy to navigate,

b) Contain the key info they’re looking for and,

c) Also have a clear call to action.

Do you want them to e-mail you, call you, place an order or subscribe?

You’ve got to lead them there!

A sharp, up-to-date website with SEO loving copy is a must-have for anybody that wants to achieve any degree of impact online.

Who To Call On: Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Corporate Photographer

#2. Social Media.


To quote copywriting coach Bernadette Schwerdt, “Social media is word of mouth on steroids”

You’d be amazed just how many businesses- including your competitors- are virtually non-existent on social media.

Google is not the only way people find you online!

Having a dedicated business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. is how you start conversations with tomorrow’s top clients. Regularly posting content on your social media pages is how you get seen by your target audience- and get them interested in your product, service or area of excellence.

By doing this, you stand head and shoulders above more people that you might realise- and reap the real benefits of doing so!

Who To Call On: Social Media Marketing Experts

#3. Video.


Regardless of the demographic, people love video.

The beauty is that with everything from film cameras to iPads to smart phones- shooting and uploading video has never been easier!

Ideas for what to film and share:

  • Profiles of your business and your team
  • Regular updates of goings-on to keep your audience “in the loop”
  • ‘How To’ clips
  • Answers to FAQ’s
  • Promotions
  • Entertaining, fun content

There’s a wealth of ideas to run with!

Video on your website and your social media pages ads a whole new level to your online presence and how readily people engage with you.

Who To Call On: Videographers if you want the professional touch. You can, however, do it yourself and still create content that’s watchable and of great value to your audience- millions of entrepreneurs aren’t wrong!

#4. Blogging.


In short?

Blogging is the art of writing ‘Stories That Sell’

Alongside mastering social media, regular blog posting is how you lay down the foundations of solid, lasting relationships with leads AND strategic partners. You don’t just want to share useful information, but write about your business and yourself. I’ve seen it time and again with clients I’ve written for-

They start with all these great ideas for handy ‘How To’ posts they can share with their audience- but what people love are the posts where they peel back the curtain and share the story of their lives: how they got into their industry, what keeps them busy outside of work, what their passion is.

We all want connections like that. On top of sharing your expertise and promoting yourself, blogging also provides your audience one thing we’re all crying out for in this day and age:


Oh- and did I mention that regular blogging is something at LEAST 80% of your competitors are NOT doing? Think about that…

Who To Call On: Copywriters

#5. Individual Selling


Cold calling

Live presentations

Hosting workshops


These are all better than just sitting in your office at your computer if you want to dig up every last diamond. Connecting with people on a face to face, individual level ads a new level of legitimacy to your brand and your marketing message.

Despite the changes in communication technology of the past century, we still have that need to make real connections with one another. We still have more trust for the people we know personally than the people we’ve only seen online.

Getting out there, talking to people and meeting people is how you become a 3 dimensional business- and become memorable.

Who To Call On: Go look in the mirror. That’s who!

Becoming a true master of marketing isn’t just about competence and consistency in the 5 areas I’ve listed, however. More than just ticking boxes and putting lines through tasks, it’s about stepping forward, giving of ourselves and thinking about ways to do that little bit extra.

Because when you do that, it’s when you get that bit extra in return.

Now, if you read through #1, #2 or #4 and you realised this is something you want to get better at- and you want to find out how to make it happen? Then it’s time to discover why putting a proven strategy in place- and getting started- is easier than you might have thought:

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Do You Instantly Recognise Any Of THESE ‘Usual Suspects’?


If you can say you’ve never met any of these people, I’d be amazed-

Because chances are you’ve either worked with them, chatted with leads who were just like them or had clients who were just like them…

Maybe you met her at some networking event or found yourself sitting next to him in a conference?

Maybe as you read the following descriptions you’ll go “Hey- I KNOW this person!”-

Suspect #1: Old-School

Usually a boomer, this professional doesn’t want to spend much at all on their marketing- either because they think it’s a waste of money or because they’re convinced it’s all too complex these days and not worth bothering with. They know this for a fact because they’ve usually got decades of industry experience to back it up. Plus they knew plenty of people in the 70’s or the 80’s who made it big without having to spend a cent on Facetube. No, they’re convinced that just through face to face networking with other professionals and leads, people will recognise their brilliance, the referrals and leads will come and the financial rewards will soon follow…

Suspect #2: The Up-And-Comer

On the other hand, this person is often an idealistic Gen Y, convinced that pumping out a brand new video every day and throwing buckets of money at an aggressive online campaign is the key to creating a client-rush- AND making it rain for the next decade. They are the polar opposite to their Old-School counterpart in their approach to marketing, yet the irony is that their basic belief is exactly the same: “All I need to do is invest in this ONE thing, and peoples’ opinions of me will match my own and I will be financially rewarded for it and live happily ever after”…

Suspect #3: The Jilted Lover

In similar manner to a self-help junkie, this person was a “true believer”. They spent money on big promises- this workshop was going to turn them into the highly-paid expert they’d always dreamt of being in a single weekend. That online strategy was going to deliver astronomical figures into their bank account while they holidayed around the world 11 months a year, taking business calls from their deckchair in Kho Sa Mui…but the fantasy didn’t materialise. They got burned (either because of misleading advertising or their own lack of consistent effort) and now they won’t spend another cent because they learnt their lesson once- and that was all the “proof” they needed to know that spending money for online marketing doesn’t work…

Suspect #4: The Bargain Hunter

This business owner wants to earn a fortune without spending a cent or taking the time to lay down deep roots that could sustain their empire for years to come. These are the people who wander into clothing stores, shift through the ‘Specials’ rack and don’t bother to look at anything else. The question “What’s the cheapest you can do it for?” is heard a lot from them. They are the tyre-kickers who expect the world to be delivered to them for just $1 out of their pocket or 5 minutes of their time. Yet they’re still waiting to get what they really want, and they’re convinced it’s just a matter of time or a matter of finding that unicorn who’s not “too expensive”…

Suspect #5: The D.I.Y Expert

A close relative of the tyre-kicker, this person knows how to do it all themselves- so they’re definitely not going to pay somebody else to do it for them. Why waste the money? After all, “If you want something done properly, do it yourself!” They’ve got it all figured out, but they’re waiting until they get the free time required and then they’ll take care of it and save a few thousand dollars in the process. They’re convinced that paying people to do what you can do for yourself is for lazy people and suckers. They’ll show all of these people once the spare time required presents itself to them…

Now tell me: Did any of these ‘Usual Suspects’ sound familiar to you? Do you think their approach is one that pays off for them?

Maybe it does and I’m wrong?

Feel free to point out if I’ve overstepped the mark with any of these people or if there’s something I didn’t grasp. It’d be hypocritical of me to point out groups of people who don’t want to learn or try new things while assuming I don’t need to do either of these in any way, shape or form…

But here’s the thing- if you’re like me and can see how these are all the wrong ways to build a business and keep it growing? Then you recognise that if you invest the money into the right areas, time is of little consequence to you…

It’s simply a case of hitting all the right channels- and doing so consistently.

Nobody makes a fortune with a closed fist. Nobody attracts abundance with an attitude of poverty. Instead, you present great value to people, and they give great value back to you. It’s a basic principle that underlies life itself- and your business is no different.

So that’s why I’m happy to offer you a 30 minute, personal consultation- 100% complimentary, and no “hard-sell” in sight (it’s not my style, anyway). It’s just about getting a conversation going, looking at what you’ve done so far and seeing if there’s an idea packed with potential that you could implement. I don’t expect my inbox to overflow or my phone to buzz non-stop- but that’s ok. I know that, for the few of you who read this and follow up, you stand to get something of real value from our discussion:

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Note Regarding Upcoming Posts:

11186742126_cd593eab97_kThis morning (Tuesday, 5th September 2017) I logged into my account here on WordPress to discover that the developers have added a rainbow flag banner to the top of each landing page. I consulted with contacts overseas, who reported they couldn’t see this filter when visiting Notes From The Scribe- then discovered that this filter only applies for Australian WordPress users.

Although a U.S-based company, WordPress has attached this filter to the top of all WordPress user sites in Australia as a sign of their support for Same-Sex marriage ahead of the national postal survey. It is no more the right of a U.S-based company to tell Australians what opinion we should have regarding SSM than it is our right to tell Americans what they should do with their gun laws, healthcare system or who they should support in Washington DC. While we are an ally to the U.S.A and proud to be a Western, democratic nation that provides its’ citizens with great wealth, freedom and opportunity for innovation and personal development, the issue of SSM is for us- Australian citizens- to decide for ourselves.

I am a staunch supporter of free speech and the right of people to advocate causes they believe worthy of supporting. I am a supporter of people sharing opinions that disagree with my own and having the right to do so, without fear of harassment or punishment by law. However, I am against a private company or entity using their customers, subscribers or patrons as a tool to promote their particular stance on a political ideological issue without the consent of their customers or the option to not participate if they wish.

I use this platform to discuss ideas related to online marketing, copywriting, entrepreneurship and share my own journey and discoveries with you, my readers. I’ve consciously avoided using this account to advocate my political or ideological views, and there are literally THOUSANDS of other platforms for you to engage in this discussion if that’s what you’re looking for.

Based on these principles, I’ve decided that all upcoming blog articles will be posted via my old Weebly account- until WordPress reverts to its’ usual format for Australian users. I make no apologies for taking this stance and if some readers decide to no longer follow my posts, they’re free to do so.

It’s their right to do so if they choose, just as it’s my right to not support WordPress as long as they use my platform to promote their partisan stance. I will, however, continue posting, even if it’s via a different platform until further notice. Stay tuned…


Here’s Why You MIGHT Need A Copywriter…



You know what copywriting is…

You know what a copywriter does…

You have associates or friends who use copywriting services…


You haven’t considered the idea of using one yourself.

Maybe you don’t think you need one, and you know what?

There’s a good chance you’re right! But first- why not be absolutely certain and run through this quick checklist. For the video, take a look here:

Here’s Why You MIGHT Need A Copywriter…

Otherwise, keep the following in mind- it’s crucial to remember, whatever you decide:

Outside of paid listings, search engines (like Google) rank businesses not just on keywords, but also how regularly the content of a particular web address is updated or added to. So the more that your online content is added to or updated? The better your SEO rankings…

And the better your SEO rankings, the more prominent you are online. The more prominent you are online, the more enquiries you’re getting. The more enquiries you’re getting, the more sales you’re making…and so on…

But all of this starts with the strength of your online content- it’s simple as that.

“Great!” you might think. But-

Do you (or your team) have the time needed to keep updating or adding to your online content?

Because if you decide to take care of it yourself, it doesn’t matter how well you can write- it always takes time. Time to:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Research
  • Write the first draft
  • Edit it
  • Edit it again
  • Compile it
  • Post it, finally!

Even for somebody like me it takes time (and I do this for a living!)

So with all this in mind…

Could you afford to use copywriting services for your business?

If you realise you need to be getting content out there and you want to discuss the best strategy for this-

Get in touch. We’ll discuss what you need in order to drive up your leads, sales- and those repeat customers who are worth their weight in gold to your business.

So let’s get talking!





The Most Powerful Call To Action Known To Man…

Chanel ad(If you prefer to watch the video I did where I reveal all- check it here): Sex, Drugs & Rockin? Sold!

Otherwise, if you prefer to read the transcript? Cast your mind back…

It was a time when cigarette advertising was still prominent across Australian sport, including the premier Rugby League competition (the NSWRL) who were backed by tobacco giant Winfield…

They had the competition naming rights, their signage at the grounds, on the field, on the trophy itself- but what they did next generated media interest in the game beyond a level that’d been seen before…

Here’s how they did it:

What they did first of all was get a sexy grandmother on board, by the name of Tina Turner. Tina appeared in commercials for the Winfield Cup, singing two of her recent hits- ‘What You Get Is What You See’ and then, a year later, re-releasing ‘Simply The Best’. It became the games’ anthem for the next 6 years- ending only when tobacco sponsorship of Australian sport was outlawed…

Why did it work so well?

Check out the ads for yourself-

‘What You Get Is What You See’

‘Simply The Best’

Notice that besides what you’d expect to see in an ad like this (game footage, the best known players of the time, imagery of cheering crowds, big hits, amazing tries, Tina singing) there’s also quite a lot of footage of the players training-

They’re at the gym working up a sweat, they’re running up steps in their footy shorts, they’re charging through the surf with their shirts off, toned bodies glistening from the ocean…

Why would your average footy supporting bloke be interested in seeing this stuff?

Good question!

Except that’s not who they were targeting-

They were targeting the female audience. They wanted to get women interested in the game, show them that Rugby League featured plenty of excitement, action, atmosphere- and eye-candy too. And it worked! Female attendances at Winfield Cup games climbed notably, as a result.

Tina beach

So what can we learn from this?

Sex sells!

It’s the oldest “call to action” there is- you only have to look at the ‘sexiness’ of modern adverts for anything from perfume to pizza, clothes to cars, alcohol to aftershave to see that advertisers are constantly selling their clients’ message in a way that makes our pulses race and gets us talking.

Think about it-

The average looking guy sprays on deodorant and suddenly women flock to him from every direction…

The woman uses a new shampoo that gives her fashion model hair, she goes out onto the street (dolled up, of course) and she literally stops traffic!

Why take this approach?

The thing is, you might have a great product with data to support it but if you sell it on nothing but the facts?

People get bored with that…

They lose interest…

You waste time and money on a message nobody gives a shit about!

If you have facts- great!

But first? Package those facts in a way that gets people excited, that grabs their attention and makes them go ‘Wow!’

Sex sells…

Think about those annoying store spruikers or the “Crazy Warehouse Guy” who comes on the TV with a thinly-masked yell as he raves on about cut-price carpets, shoes, clothes, all stock that MUST GO NOW!!!

You may find them obnoxious and intrusive and quickly turn the volume down the moment you hear their voice…

But love them or loathe them- you definitely can’t ignore them.


They arouse a certain feeling in you.

Sex sells…

But what if people aren’t paying attention to your carefully crafted message?

You’re out of ideas, wondering what you’ve got to do just for them to take notice?

Chances are, you don’t have to start from scratch for a sales pitch that sticks. Most likely, all that’s stopping you from hitting it for 6 with your audience is a little bit of spice…

So- if you want to discover the secret to pumping out content that stops them in their tracks- and convinces them to take action?

Come and talk to me…






5 BIG Things A Copywriter Needs To Know About YOU:

we-want-you - Copy

Check Out The Video Here:

5 BIG Things A Copywriter Wants To Know About YOU:


Here’s a run-down of the most important things a copywriter will want to know about your business before they write a single word.

The better you can answer the following questions, the more effective your written content is in attracting new leads and “sealing the deal” with your target audience. But first things first:

# 1 Who Is Your Target Audience?

In other words:

What does your typical customer look like?

What does your most valuable customer look like?

Where do they live, who else are they looking at/ buying from besides you, what’s their age demographic etc.

The clearer your answers to these questions, the more effectively a copywriter can strategise where your content should appear and what needs to be written.

# 2 Your Product/ Service Features?

If you’re a product-based business- what are your products made from, where are they sourced from, what’s the process that goes into their manufacture etc?

If you’re a service-based business- what are the steps involved and the equipment used in carrying out your services? Do your customers deal with you directly or a member of your team?

Knowing these answers enables a copywriter to go into more detail when they describe what you do or what you sell. This has the follow-on of optimising your SEO results because the explanation of your product or service has more clarity.

# 3 Benefits- What’s In It For Them?

Getting this one right is crucial. This is the question that underlies virtually every other question put forward to you by a potential customer or client. Regardless of the specifics of what they’re asking, what they really want to know is how what you do or what you sell is going to benefit them-

Do they make money from it?

Do they save money from it?

Will they feel better?

Gain more time?

Lose more weight?

You get the idea… no point in selling the ‘How’ if you can’t sell them on the ‘Why’!

# 4 What Makes You Different?

Unless you’re one of those rare businesses lucky enough to have a niche all to yourself, chances are you’ve got competitors. Competitors with websites, blogs and social media pages, all quickly found online by potential customers…

So you’ve got to have distinct reasons why people should come to YOU over the rest.

What is it that makes your business unique?

Is it your accreditation, the years of industry expertise you offer, some kind of guarantee, that complimentary item or little bit extra you provide that nobody else does?

This is how a copywriter makes your marketing voice different from your competitors. This is what makes you a more appealing proposition to your target audience, and you’d be surprised how often this makes the difference between you landing the sale or the other guy getting it instead.

# 5 What Results Do You Seek?

After all is written, compiled and posted- what results do you want to see?

More enquiries?

More opt-ins?

More consultations?

More sign-ups?

More sales?

Without a clear understanding of what the desired end-game is, your online content will lack direction and a real purpose. Putting it together turns into a waste of a copywriters’ time- and your money.

You need that definite key objective, that clearly understood outcome to aim all your content towards- because this is how a copywriter knows what you need and what you can do without when it comes down to their professional recommendations.

But…this question is one that’s much more specific to your business.

Maybe you know the answer but aren’t sure on the course of action you need to take?

Or maybe you know there’s stuff you need and don’t have- but you can’t get clear on it?

Here’s your chance to see if we can’t implement a strategy to draw in those leads, sign-ups, enquiries and sales you’ve been waiting for…

You’re now just one step away-

Get in touch and let’s make it happen:

The Reward Of Just Turning Up:

shutterstock_105840977Are you a business owner?

A self-starter?

Commonly referred to as an entrepreneur?

Did you start with a great passion and a vision?

Do you constantly seek to learn new concepts, ideas?

Anything that makes you a stronger outcome achiever, a smoother operator, a more adept stacker of the cash?

Because when you’re adding names to your database, selling out workshops and pleasing a conga line of clients- you don’t need any added motivation to keep on going!

Yet…it’s not always like this, is it?

See, I’ve had quiet periods. Times where I’d wake up and it felt like no matter what I did, I was running on a treadmill.

I’d wonder what the point was?

Dad once told me that when he was in Highschool, he’d usually end up the highest pointscorer in his grade at the athletics carnivals. Not because he was a stand-out athlete. But simply because he’d go in every event possible. If he could take part? He was there.

So by turning up, he got the points in the long-haul…

I remember about a year ago, one Monday I felt completely drained. I had a business network meeting that afternoon and I seriously considered not bothering to make that drive up the freeway. But however knocked out I felt, I knew that come bed time, I’d still feel worse for staying home and accomplishing less. So…I set off…

As a result of going to that meeting? I learned an awesome trick for keeping complex internet passwords- and remembering them all- without needing to record them anywhere, courtesy of our speaker for the week. Then on top of that- I was given a glowing recommendation by a fellow group member, finishing with several referrals.

None of this would’ve happened if I didn’t show up.

That’s just one example- there have been countless other times where I felt as if I was staring at a rock wall, unable to climb or even to move forward. Where I considered bowing out, finding a cosy job somewhere else and not having to deal with the weekly, daily challenges and uncertainties that push back at me.

Yet despite the temptation to spend a day lying around doing little else besides binging on YouTube? I’d get to work. Despite not wanting to do anything to do with work? I’d still “go through the motions”.

And more often than not?

I’d make real progress that day, in the end.

Things would happen.

Everybody has those days where you seem unstoppable, and the universe treats you like it’s your birthday, graduation and Christmas day all at once. Who isn’t pumped and keen to leap to action on those days?

But what puts you one step ahead on those days where it feels like the universe stares back in your face, rock solidly opposed to you moving forward?

It’s in just turning up…





How To Avoid Disastrous Dialogue! (And Start Conversations That Convert)




Remember when people used these words to describe something worthy of praise or approval? Dad used to physically cringe at those TV ads for Hardware House (remember them?) about 15 years ago, with that jingle they had:

“Gee it’s grouse at Hardware House!”

“That word”, Dad would say “it’s so bogan! I used to hate it whenever I’d hear someone call something “grouse”- I don’t know why they’d use it in that ad?”

In case you missed it? Lately I’ve been talking about the difference between making a real connection with your intended audience vs. trying too hard- and coming off as embarrassingly out of touch in the process…

As just one example, check out this excerpt from last years’ Presidential campaign, where Hillary Clinton awkwardly shoe-horns a reference to the popular mobile app game ‘Pokemon GO!’ during a speech, as she tries to engage her (mostly) youth audience:

The better you understand your audience and speak their lingo?

The better connection you make with them and the more powerful your message.

But when it’s obvious you’re “trying too hard”?

Well, that has the opposite effect! At that point, people distrust your motives, and you risk alienating your intended audience completely. Understanding them isn’t a difficult game.

Here’s 3 Ways To Cut The Cringe And Be “The Real Deal”:

#1. Listen. Who are you talking to? What else do they buy? What do they do in their spare time? How do they talk? What pop- culture references do they understand?

#2. You Don’t Know Everything. If you haven’t got all the answers, don’t pretend to. This also makes it easier for you to establish your niche and position yourself in the very centre of it. Stepping beyond your area of knowledge or pretending to fully “get” the people you’re speaking to carries the risk of back-firing- and the cost if you get caught out of your depth is too big a price to pay. It’s ok to admit you don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s alright to ask questions. People are more impressed by your  willingness to find out more about them than if you slot yourself in and act like you’re “one of us”…

#3. Easy does it. In short? Don’t try too hard. Less is more. Even if you’ve taken care of Steps 1 and 2, going over the top makes it look like you’re trying too hard to sell yourself and make a good impression…

Don’t call yourself an entrepreneur- let other people give you that title.

Don’t big-note your bank balance- let those astute enough connect the dots for themselves.

Sharing your wins (and your story) is fine, but don’t consciously try to sound like the next (insert name here).

Seriously- if I had a dollar for every time I see someone use words like “entrepreneur”, “lifestyle” or “hustle”- I’d never need to work another day in my life-

And I’m still 31!

Show, don’t tell.

Attracting the most valuable people to your business requires an ongoing dialogue. It  usually involves several conversations and a deeper understanding of their needs vs. what you provide and who you are before they show you the money. But… considering the ultimate dollar value of these relationships?

When done right- they’re well worth the extra time and the effort you invest!

So- if you want to start conversations that convert- 100% free of smoke, mirrors or “How do you do, fellow kids”- let’s get talking…

Contact Me






How To Steer Clear Of ‘Short-Term Gain= Long-Term Pain’ Marketing:


As I write these words, it’s just a few hours before I head off to Sydney to watch Liverpool play a post-season friendly match against Sydney FC….

I’ve long been a fan of football (or soccer, as a lot of people call it in this part of the world). Just recently, I saw a discussion online about the merits of a certain manager (coach) from overseas. I commented that “he is like milk and his teams are like the strawberry flavouring- when it’s fresh, all is sweet. But leave it out too long and the milk goes off, the whole thing turns sour and you’ve got to dump it down the sink and start again.”

Because it’s one thing to spend big up front and get quick results- but it’s something else when you build a culture of sustained success and develop an organisation that people want to be part of…

Have you ever worked for a company like this?

You have a boss who frequently treads on toes and gets on the wrong side of people- but they have a track record of getting results so the company keeps them on. But then, the whole culture of the place disintegrates: people resign, the spirit of the organisation becomes poisoned and in the end the company has to sack the boss because it’s too costly to keep them on- more costly than the financial gains they achieved while in charge. The boss is gone (hallelujah!) but in their wake, they leave a wasteland of burnt bridges and a toxic culture.

It’s the same thing when it comes to how you manage your client relationships.

Are you only focused on quick results? Getting the next sale, the next big lead and spending whatever it takes to achieve this?

Or- would you rather set yourself up for relationships that last and build a business that your clients want to stay with, where you become a household name and people flock to you because of the great things they hear?

You can take the milkshake approach to your marketing: spend lots of money, full-throttle chasing the big money leads and the sales for sweet short-term results. But then you have to keep shovelling more money into it to ward off the competition. Although you’re making good money, your time is more limited because beyond an instant service and meeting a short-term need, people have little other reason to stick with you. If you aren’t careful, the sweet results can turn sour quickly- and getting back on top requires spending big all over again…

Or… you can take the wine approach: you aren’t focused on a quick-fix, but on producing something that people value more and more as time goes on. The beauty is, as you build those relationships with your leads and existing database, the workload required to attract new leads becomes easier. Word of mouth and your professional reputation does the work for you. In the end? Not only do you have a company that people are loyal to- you’re making great profits with time to enjoy the rewards of your labor and patience.

At Scribe, we always think like a wine-maker when it comes to our clients’ marketing. Our focus is on producing content they can bank on in the long-term. Content that enables them to open up a conversation with their leads, build the relationship and turn those leads into top value clients- who keep on coming back.

For us, it’s all about content that won’t just be loved by search engine robots- but by the people in your target audience as well. So contact us today, and let’s get that conversation started…

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To Infinity- And Beyond!

Large_toy_story_blu-ray5xI remember so clearly when I left Brisbane just over 2 years ago and what a pivotal time it was…

I’d lived there for 5 years and when I’d moved up, my life was like that of so many other 20-somethings: friends, a busy schedule, figuring out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do before 30 while trying to juggle the Fear Of Missing Out (TM) with bold ambition and the sacrifices it’d require in order to be more than just another 9 to 5 brick in the wall, living for the week-to-week…

But fast forward to mid- 2014 and life has changed. By now it’s just me, building my business with only a few people in my life on the regular, after the rest have either:

a) Married,

b) Moved on or,

c) Hobbled off into the sunset, some with barely a murmur…

I’m aware this happens a lot for people as their 20’s draw to an end, but in it’s aftermath there emerges a new, big question for me:

What’s happening in MY life? Where am I going?

If you’ve been in my position- single, founder of a start-up and going solo- you know the paradox: on the one hand, you have freedoms few other people enjoy. You work your own roster. Manage your own life. You’re in charge. Little in the way of commitments holding you down. You could theoretically be anywhere (well…except maybe North Korea). But that’s the other problem: the burden of choice…

If you can go anywhere, where should you go? What move makes actual sense, beyond just an unwise emotional impulse?

So in the meantime, nothing much keeps me in Brisbane anymore. There’s no clear, logical “next step”. I feel like I’m stuck in Groundhog Day- but I don’t even have Sonny and Cher waking me each morning with ‘I got you, babe’ (Actually…maybe that’s not such a bad thing now I think of it?)

To sum it up? I felt stranded.

But then- one weekend on the Gold Coast, in a single day- a new opportunity is presented to me. It offers a chance to move, continue growing my business and take on a new level of responsibility, all in one. Like that, the lights turn on and I see my next step- and my fresh start awaits me less than an hours’ drive from my current living situation. That night I go back to my hotel, change and jump into the pool to cool off in the summer evening and burn off some energy. Afterwards, I hop into the hot shower while drinking an ice cold beer.

The wait is over!

I still remember the last day at my old place in Brisbane. By now my room is nearly bare, with the rest of my belongings packed and ready to go. I’m about to move the remainder of my stuff into the rental truck parked out the front- but then my exit is delayed by a deluge so fierce the rain blasts up the street. Like up, as in horizontally…

But at last, the downpour ends. I load up what’s left of my gear, farewell my flatmate, hop into the cab, drive down the M1 and (an hour later) arrive out the front of my new place at Robina. That night I sleep in my new room, the smell of fresh paint still lingering in the air and the space crowded with boxes. But I’m perfectly happy. This is the first sentence in the first paragraph of a brand new chapter in the story of my life. This is where it all begins…

The following morning, I drop the rental truck back at the hire centre, a few suburbs away. I’m in no hurry, so I set off towards home on foot. Rain overnight has left everything fresh, a fitting backdrop for my walk home. As I stroll along the roads back to my place that Sunday morning, I take in my new surroundings- houses sitting back from the streets behind high walls, palm trees lining the roads, the Surfers Paradise skyline to the left of me, the Great Dividing Range off to my right. After being so familiar with the inner-Eastern suburbs of Brisbane for 3 years, this is now where I call home…

So, in similar fashion?

Today marks my debut post on this brand new platform. The old platform served me well and you can find all my posts from the past 3 years right here:

Notes From The Scribe

I’ll be looking to migrate them over here to wordpress at some point. In the meantime?

I’m looking forward to a brand new life here on wordpress. It’s the same blog with the same author- but in a new environment, a new address and new ideas, revelations and all kinds of tales to come (maybe even a sizzling gypsy or two?)

So on that note:

Welcome to my housewarming!